We are a team

Triathlon is an individual sport, but we train as a team. If you’re in need of a bit more encouragement or even some competition, our group training sessions are perfect for you.

Group Sessions

We hold regular group sessions for our athletes, throughout the year in the London area. We cover track sessions, hill running, linked sessions, group cycling and open water and pool-based swimming.

Weekend blocks

We design weekends away to recreate race-specific training conditions. We group athletes together with similar racing goals, and then we encourage a bit of friendly competition! All under the watchful eyes of our coaches. From short course specific sessions to long course nutrition management, we strive for quality training as well as fun.

Training camps

At ABCpure we’re lucky to have already singled-out the most idyllic training location. San Jose in Southern Spain provides an amazing backdrop to host our inspiring and individual triathlon training camps.

Only once we have our attendees in place do we get to work in designing the perfect blend of sessions. That way we create a high-quality week to get the most out of every athlete, and we have a ball while we’re at it!

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