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ABCpure was established with the aim of providing a bespoke triathlon coaching service to athletes of any age, at any level and competing over any distance from sprint to ironman. They pride themselves on not adopting a one size fits all approach, instead, writing customised programmes for their athletes with the individuals circumstances, requirements and goals at the heart of what they do.

They are firm believers the multisport nature of triathlon cannot be mistaken for swim, bike and run therefore, their approach is centred around one sport with three disciplines and an emphasis on consistency, sustainability and quality taking priority over quantity. Finding the right approach for the right athlete at the right time, figuring that out for the individual is our job. Short cuts and over reliance on gadgets muddy the water of ABC’s pure philosophy.

The Humble Beginnings

We, Ben and Cat, started out as novice triathletes way back in 2005. Quickly bitten by the ‘tri bug’, we sought out the guidance of elite coaches from 2008 through to 2011. During this time, we raced and competed at the highest level, including several 70.3 World Championships and many podium finishes within the age group rankings, all while holding down our 9-5s. But it was a chance meeting in in 2010 that would see us take a different path, and that’s where the ABCpure story really starts…

From October 2011 we headed overseas for a 12-month sabbatical, which included time in Thailand and Australia. During this period, we invested a great deal of time to trial, test and learn a huge amount on how to train the body and mind for the world of multi-sport of triathlon. Then on the 3rd of June 2012, our first self-coached season, we qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona. On our first real attempt at the distance!

After even more success in Kona, we knew we were onto something, and in December 2012 we hatched the beginnings of ABCpure.

We understand the importance of individual structure and support that a coach should provide in order for you to realise your potential.

ABCpure’s story so far….

It started with a vision, then a name, and then a brand and we began our exciting journey. Many things have evolved since the launch of ABCpure but all aspects remain loyal to the vision; – ‘to provide the highest quality bespoke service to every individual athlete’. It’s a lot more work, but we think it’s worth it.

Our roster of athletes has grown steadily, from 1 to many, and mostly through glowing word-of-mouth referrals to fellow participants, friends and colleagues.

However our services have expanded to now offer sports massages, personal training, video analysis, group sessions, UK weekend training getaways & overseas training camps.

With the growth of ABCpure we have gained many partnerships, which allows our athletes to benefit from an enhanced offering of products and services to support their training, racing and recovery needs.

With our continued successes, there’s a real appetite from our fans to hear what our athletes are achieving. A weekly round-up of activity is posted on social media to keep everyone up to date, motivated and inspired.

For us, the coaches, our development hasn’t stayed still either, British Triathlon Federation levels 1 and 2, level 3 sports massage qualification, Fitness Instructor level 2 and Personal Trainer level 3, UKSCA (Strength & Conditioning Association) and first aid workshops are just the start of our skill set.

Above all we feel as coaches we are providing the highest quality of service and always strive to be better. ABCpure is the kind of service we always thought was missing from the industry. Join us today and see for yourself.


have competed at the highest level age group competition for many years. We are all BTF (British Triathlon) qualified and are enjoying success with many of the athletes who are a part of ABCpure. Your development is our number one priority, and we are always striving to progress ourselves to enable us to work with athletes of all calibers. Passionate about triathlon, all coaches are approachable and personable proving to be great mentors and friends.

BEN WEBECKLevel 2 British Triathlon Federation Coaching, Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist

Growing up in Australia I was surrounded by sport. I actively participated in many, but golf monopolised my focus and attention during my teens. Through hours of practise and playing I reduced my handicap to 4. Having swam, ran or biked for fun or fitness at various stages whilst in Australia, I only discovered endurance sport (in particular triathlon) when I arrived in London back in 2004 (in my early 20’s). I knew straight away that I had discovered something that really pushed my buttons, both mentally and physically. I fell in love with the sport of triathlon and the lifestyle that accompanied it.

Having an engineering background, I like to know how things work, understanding the process of design and how that gets you to that end result. Triathlon for me has been and will always be fascinating from both an athletes and coaches point of view. Always learning, always exploring and always developing the process of linking the 3 disciplines into 1.

Since competing in my beginner days, I have trained and raced my way to a high level in the amateur ranks, learning from the best along the way. I’ve researched endlessly and explored ways to push and develop myself and others beyond what I and they thought possible.

Anyone can follow a programme, there is no one secret session or magic solution. The enjoyment for me comes from being a coach and mentor. Through keeping an athlete consistent and ensuring the training session are fun and progressive I believe as a coach I can make the difference to the individual. I relish the process of combining the 3 disciplines in order to create a winning formula and team!

80’s baby
Nationality: Australian
Can’t live without: 100% Peanut Butter, 90% Dark Chocolate and caffeine
Biggest waste of time: Commuting and cleaning
If you won £1,000 on the lottery what would you buy? Snowboarding trip with Cat (so I can beat her again)
What cheers you up? Relaxing
How would you describe yourself in three words? Driven, Joker, Strong
Where would you prefer to live beach, city or country? Country
For a race (essentials aside) what is the 1 thing you don’t leave home without? What am I gunna eat!?!? Recovery food
What is your fondest triathlon memory? Sitting at the finish line in Kona with Foz and Cat watching the last athletes finish
Do you have any pre-race rituals? Close my eyes and picture it the day before and the morning of, no matter what race it is
Racing aims: Sub 9 hour ironman
Coaching aims: Keep it individual and continue to develop

2011: Laguna Phuket, Thailand. AG Winner

2012: Ironman World Championships: 9hrs 27min, top 100 overall (2nd time over the distance)

2013: Outlaw Iron distance, UK: 9hrs 27min. 2nd overall

2014: Otillo swim run World Championships: 10hrs 42min. Mixed Team placing, 7th overall

2015: Cabo de Gata middle distance, Spain. 4th overall

2016: Challenge Regensburg iron distance. 9hrs 14min. 2nd amateur overall

2017: Ironman Vichy, 8hrs 55min, 7th overall

2018: Swashbuckler Middle Distance, 4hrs 10min, 1st overall

2018: Challenge Roth, 8hrs 37min, 2nd amateur overall

Cat BengerLevel 2 British Triathlon Federation Coaching, Fitness Instructor level 2 & Personal Trainer level 3

I am no gifted athlete nor a childhood prodigy on the sports field – I was in my late 20’s when I got hooked on the triathlon endorphin high! Looking for a personal challenge outside of work, luxury retail saw me swap my Louboutin’s for Lycra.

2005 to 2011 I struck a balance between my career, training and racing. I trained diligently with focus, passion and a desire to get fitter and faster. I was now becoming a contender and not just a competitor at races.

It was when “down-under” in Aus, (2011-12) the swim, bike and run lark became more than a passion, a lifestyle. I started to learn how to layer, formulate and execute a training programme to great effect. I also learnt I had an ability to dig-deep, hurt and maintain the focus until that finish line had been crossed.

Starting ABCpure and working as a coach gave me a genuine “buzz”. Real job satisfaction for me is from supporting, shaping and influencing the athletes whom are under my guidance. I care about my clients, I want to get the best out of them, just as I train myself you can expect to work hard, be pushed to your limits, and come out smiling in the end.

70’s baby
Nationality: British
Can’t live without: Laughing and my to-do list!
Biggest waste of time: Traffic Jams and doing other people’s filing!
Which would be harder for you to give up, Coffee or alcohol? The former
What would you eat for your last supper? Sushi to start with, followed by a great bit of steak and glass of Malbec
What is your favourite / over used word? FAB
What do you eat the night before a race? Something simple and fairly plain, chicken, rice & veg. Over the years a glass of red wine has become part of the routine!
What do you race in a one piece or a 2 piece? ABCpure one piece (of course!)
Racing aims: Sub 10 hour ironman
Coaching aims: Encourage athletes to believe the mind, our mental state is stronger than the body, our physical state

Olympic distances: 2hrs 10mins – 2hrs 20mins mark
Lots and lots of Half iron /middle distance races including the ironman World Champs 2010
4 x Iron distance races ranging from 14hrs something to 10hrs 08mins and Kona 2012 (PB not done in Kona)
Worthy of a mention:
June 2012: Ironman Cairns Aus. 10hrs 37mins. 1st in AG (gave me the golden ticket to Kona)
Oct 2012: Kona, Hawaii. 10hrs 55mins. 1st British female and 21st in AG (30-34)
Jun 2013: Swashbuckler Middle Distance UK. 1st in AG, 2nd overall
Jun 2013: Marlow OD UK. 1st in AG, 1st overall
Jul 2013: Outlaw Ironman UK. 10hrs 08mins. 1st in AG, 2nd overall
Mar 2014: Ball Buster Duathlon UK. 2nd overall
June 2014: Outlaw Half UK. 1st in AG
Jul 2014: Marlow Half UK. 1st overall
Sept 2014: Otillo Swim Run World Champs, team ABCpure (10km swim, 65km run) Sweden. Overall time: 10hrs 42min. Mixed team placing: 7th overall
Oct 2014: Cabo de Gata Middle Distance Spain. 3rd overall
2015 – 2018: No racing due to injury & rehab. Cue the pom poms and supporting!